AtlantaFresh DIY Yogurt Bar

AtlantaFresh DIY Yogurt Bar

A DIY Yogurt Bar for holiday guests of all ages allows everyone to choose exactly what they like. This festive idea only takes about 10 minutes to get breakfast on the table. You’ll spend more time enjoying your guests. BONUS: You can put it out again every morning, because the possibilities are endless! Here’s how to make that happen.

•Gather AtlantaFresh yogurt flavors, and a Quart of our plain or Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

TIP! Did you know Whole Foods will give you a 10% discount when buying a dozen of our 6 oz. flavors?  It is considered a “case” and gets the “case discount”. It doesn’t have to be the same flavor, so mix and match!

•Put a fruit bowl out with whole pears and apples, or cut a few up for the kids. Also, sectioned citrus are a great addition. As are dried raisins, cranberries, plums, apricots, and candied ginger.

•A dish or squirt bottle of honey lets folks sweeten  plain yogurt to taste. Jars of  fruit preserves or Pumpkin butter work, too.•Granola, crispy rice cereal, Pepitas, toasted pecans, walnuts—or whatever nuts you have on hand—add protein, and crunch.

•Flaxmeal, raw oats, wheat germ, and chia give you the Omega 3 and other lean nutrients to power your crowd through the morning!

•One DELICIOUS addition is cranberry sauce! (try Whole Foods-made varieties with no corn syrup! It is full of vitamin c!)

•Add  Carrot Cake Dip to the spread, (Reserve Three 6 oz cartons of AtlantaFresh Caramel yogurt for this!) and serve as a spread with  a basket of muffins,

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