AtlantaFresh Mojito Froyo

AtlantaFresh Mojito Froyo

Throwback Thursday to our very first DIY Mojito Frozen Yogurt recipe—circa 2009—before we even sold froyo, back in the day! (see our #TBT picture!) If you love mint and lime and chilly things on a hot July day, bust out the AtlantaFresh nonfat, 2% or Whole milk Greek yogurt and raid your mint patch. This icy dreamboat gives new meaning to the term Netflix and chill.



  • One Quart of AtlantaFresh Plain yogurt. 
(Fat free yogurt balances the richness of the lime curd, but any fat level can be used successfully and deliciously.)
  • 2/3 cup Minted Lime Curd

Stir 2/3 cup minted lime curd (or more or less to taste) into a 32 oz. container of yogurt until well blended.
Freeze the mixture in a home ice cream machine per your machine’s directions.



  • 3 whole eggs, beaten (adding whites makes a curd lighter and less rich than yolks only)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup fresh lime juice, strained
  • 3 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces

•Beat the eggs, then strain the eggs through a sieve or fine strainer or colander into a Pyrex bowl or top pan of a double boiler.
• Stir in the sugar and lime juice.
•Cook in a double boiler (or makeshift double boiler using a Pyrex dish suspended over a sauce pan of 2 inches of boiling water, stirring constantly, for about 10-15 minutes.*
It is important that the boiling water not touch the bottom of the bowl. Adjust before cooking egg mixture. Let the steam cook the mixture. Watch carefully and remove instantly from heat if egg begins to cook unevenly and form solid spots. This mixture should remain translucent. (a few solids might form before mixture is taken off heat, and can be strained out at completion.)
• During the last four minutes of cooking, add 3 (8) inch-ish long mint fronds, or the equivalent.
• Cook until the mixture begins to thicken like a pudding or Jell-o would thicken. Note: It will become much thicker when cool.
•Remove from heat and immediately pour through another sieve into a heat proof bowl. 
(Add mint back to bowl if more minty taste is desired).
• Sir in the cold butter pieces, which cools down the mixture quickly.
•Cool at room temperature and, remove mint, if still in bowl.

When you try this recipe – or any of our Greek Yogurt recipes – send us a picture and tell us how good they are on Instagram @AtlantaFreshyogurt.

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