Greek Yogurt Ambrosia Smoothie

Greek Yogurt Ambrosia Smoothie

This classic Southern citrus salad is a fantastic smoothie base, blended with AtlantaFresh Greek Yogurt. The pecans turn to pecan milk in the blender, the coconut gives sweetness and if you use organic maraschino cherries with no red dye, you’ve got a super healthy version to work with.

2 cups ambrosia citrus salad
3/4 cup AtlantaFresh Plain Greek Yogurt
OPTIONAL: frozen coconut milk cubes or frozen grapefruit or orange juice cubes

In a blender, liquify 2 cups of ambrosia citrus salad (grapefruit, oranges, coconut, pecans, organic maraschinot cherries)
Add 3/4 cup AtlantaFresh Plain yogurt. Blend.
If desired, Add or frozen orange juice or graprefruit juice and or coconut milk cubes to taste. Blend.

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