Have You Tried AtlantaFresh Milk Yet?

Meet AtlantaFresh milk. This product line from AtlantaFresh Creamery now offers you the same fresh milk that our yogurt is made from. Our milk is sold at Publix Supermarkets around Atlanta, plus a number of other retailers in Atlanta and the Southeast. WE offer nonfat, 2% Lowfat and Whole Milk (with the same color coding as our yogurt on the label). Publix carries every milk product we make, for your convenience, so that you can also try our chocolate milk, buttermilk, Half n Half and Whipping Cream.  It’s a lot different than the milk that you’ll find in most stores. Here’s why our milk is better:

  • Local:  All of our AtlantaFresh milk comes from Newberry Farm in Waynesboro GA—a certified Non-GMO, 100% Grass-fed Farm. So you know exactly where your milk comes from, and what is in it. (and NOT in it!)
  • Fresh: to the extreme! Our dedicated milk tanker arrives at our creamery exactly 3 hours from when the cows were milked, and the milk is processed immediately.
  • Never Homogenized: Our “Whole Milk” products truly are whole milk. Most every dairy processor separates the cream from the milk and adds back just the minimum required amount to 3.25% butterfat. Whereas AtlantaFresh “Cream Top” products are never separated. Our milk comes from the cow at about 4.2% butterfat which gives our products a richness you can taste immediately, with no additives, thickeners or emulsifiers. Just 100% milk. Remember to shake it up before you open the bottle!
  • Pasteurization: Our milk is pasteurized at 180 degrees for 30 seconds.
  • 100% Grass-Fed Milk offers superior nutrition, because it is richer in omega-3 fats, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and CLA (a beneficial fatty acid named conjugated linoleic acid).
  • Fully Pastured Cows live humane and fulfilled lives. The cows at Newberry Farm roam in their pastures 24/7, grazing, foraging, socializing and exploring the pastures.

These are the reasons for the movement away from factory processed dairy products and back to fresh, local, non-GMO milk—just as people have been drinking it for hundreds of years. Join the movement. You can’t find a better milk!

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